Lutz Hornischer - Sculptor, Artist & Designer

Lutz HOrnischer

Artist, Sculptor & designer

I like to work with reclaimed materials and my intention is to bring those often discarded materials back to life as contemporary art and modern sculptures. I prefer old reclaimed wood, mostly redwood. 

"Old wood is to me like turning 40 or 50 - you have some dents, scratches and cracks, you have seen a lot, enjoyed being around, withstood some hardship, but there is more to experience, new things to do and new adventures ahead. I give the wood a chance for a fresh start and new use for it - just like in real life."

"I Enjoy bringing RECLAIMED Wood back to life"

Lutz started creating and building things as a child, but just like many other early artists he was told to first get a "real job".  After receiving degrees in marketing and engineering, he worked for many years in entrepreneurial and product marketing roles for high-tech companies, the last seven years as a consultant and founder of Startup Ramp. He helped build companies, launch new products, and designed new customer experiences for websites. Throughout his high-tech career in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, he continued doing art such as sculpting, fresco painting, drawing, wood working, mosaic projects and design. Finally, when he started his journey through midlife crisis, he did not buy a convertible or sports car, he actually sold his car, got an old Honda truck instead and started looking for wood and his new purpose in life. 

Artist Statement

My focus is on using reclaimed materials, especially wood, and bringing them back to life through my sculptures.

I enjoy the specific challenge of working with reclaimed wood. Old wood has scratches, cracks, knots and other imperfections that are similar to real life. Every piece of wood is like a person, with its unique character, challenges and strengths. I yearn to give the wood a new life and I hope my redwood sculptures inspire people to find meaning, purpose and maybe to seek a new beginning in life.

Many of my early projects are based on reclaimed redwood fence boards. The dimensions of these boards limits the scope of the art project but also provides an interesting artistic challenge for me. For some projects I follow the limited dimensions of the wood boards, for other projects I break those limitations and use dowels, glue, metal and concrete to "sculpt" and create a piece that is outside the set dimensions. This approach allows me to also include left-over pieces into my art, and bring back to life the whole piece of wood. 


Gallery Representation

SFMOMA Artist Gallery, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA

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Recent Press & Publication

"We are currently obsessed with artist Lutz Hornischer's reclaimed wood sculptures" - Bob Cut Magazine, October 2017

"Reclaimed Wood Sculptures and Wall Art" - Hardcover Book, 2017


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