Interior Design with Wall Art and Sculptures from Reclaimed Wood

During a recent art show, I talked to an interior designer about my wooden wall art and sculptures. She said that more and more people like to include natural materials such as wood into their home design projects. Especially reclaimed and salvaged wood is becoming more attractive to people in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Many of theses modern design projects are based on hard surfaces such as concrete, steel and glass, wooden wall art and sculptures can act as a complementary element - bringing in warmth, color and aliveness.. Since I use linseed oil for my work instead of varnish, the colors and grain of the wood radiate in a dramatic way. In addition, the linseed oil surface gives the piece an almost sensual feel when touched - and sculptures are meant to get touched to fully experience their beauty.

The old image of using reclaimed wood just for rustic craft projects and furniture is not longer true. Reclaimed wood can be transformed into modern fine art and contemporary sculptures that complement modern and timeless interior design for both, residential and commercial projects. If you would like to learn more about my process of transforming reclaimed wood into fine art, please contact me.



Wooden sculpture "La Luz" as an object for interior design

Wooden sculpture "La Luz" as an object for interior design

Wooden wall art "Mountain Ridge" above a fireplace mantel as an idea for interior design

Wooden wall art "Mountain Ridge" above a fireplace mantel as an idea for interior design

Art for Yoga Studios, Resorts and Corporate Retreats

At several recent art shows and exhibitions people told me "This is the perfect sculpture for a Yoga Studio, Resort or Corporate Retreat" when they saw the three pieces below. I agree! The pieces are called "Presence", 'Yogi" and "Sitting Meditation". They are made out of reclaimed wood and embody calmness, simplicity and mindfulness. Actually, one of the pieces "Presence" has made it's way to the sanctuary and meditation hall of 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA, where it sits silently and hopefully reminds people of presence and compassion.  1440 Multiversity is a new learning destination and corporate retreat center that offers immersion workshops for Health, Wellness, Personal and Professional Development. I am very grateful that my work can be part of the journeys of people who attend these workshops. If you are looking for a piece of art for your yoga studio or retreat center, please contact me.

Presence - Wood Sculpture - 40 x 30 x 5

Presence - Wood Sculpture - 40 x 30 x 5

Yogi - Wood Sculpture - 33 x 30 x 5

Yogi - Wood Sculpture - 33 x 30 x 5

Sitting Meditation - Wood Sculpture - 22 x 26 x 8

Sitting Meditation - Wood Sculpture - 22 x 26 x 8

Buy Art in San Francisco Bay Area

"The freshest art is locally grown" - this is the motto of SHOH, a local art gallery in the San Francisco East Bay, and a real gem in the Gilman District of Berkeley showing beautiful work of local artists. Art is an important element of each community. I am grateful to meet people and organizations like SHOH that support this belief. Whether you are interested in buying some of your first art work or are a serious art collector, think local, and buy local in the San Francisco Bay Area. Only then, local artist can live and prosper here in the Bay Area to make even more art and inspire our daily lives.


Here is a list of local galleries and shared studios that either support local art or are run by local artists:

  • the art institution in San Francisco that offers pretty much everything around local art, both for collectors and for artists. It hosts learning events, a yearly benefit auction, yearly Open Studios, "call for art" opportunities with many local businesses, hotels and restaurants, and many other things around art.

  • Arc Gallery & Studios: a shared studio space, art consultant and gallery with big focus on local art and frequent "call for artist" opportunities and shows.

  • The Compound Gallery: a unique, very well run, shared studio space and gallery with pretty much anything a creative person can ask for: woodshop, ceramics studio, print making, 3-D printing, gigantic space with work tables, studios and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

  • SHOH Gallery: a beautiful art gallery space featuring contemporary sculptures and fine art in the Gilman District of Berkeley - see above.

  • Art for AIDS: a yearly benefit art auction in San Francisco run by UCSF Alliance Health Project. Local artist can donate their work for a good cause and show their work, and patrons can buy local art while donating for a good cause. Sounds like a win, win, win! This years benefit art auction is coming up on October 20, 2017.

  • Neyborly: a fairly new community space with two locations in Berkeley. They offer beautiful spaces for events, co-working and other community meetings. Most of their interior is decorated and furnished by local artists and artisans that can show their work for free.

  • East Bay Open Studios: offers a yearly event where artists open up their studios. Great way to see local art in one weekend.

  • ACCI Gallery: an artist run gallery in the Gourmet Ghetto of Berkeley. They have member artists, but also open up to other artists during their frequent "call for artists".

  • Richmond Art Center: One of the largest east bay organizations to offer hands-on art education, studio spaces and contemporary exhibitions in their galleries.

  • Berkeley Art Center: Nonprofit organization that supports the visual arts from young school artist to professional artists through membership programs, art shows, talks and learning opportunities.

  • Art Explosion Studios: an artist community and studio space in San Francisco that I discovered only recently at their Open Studio. I saw some really great work there.

There are other organizations, galleries and spaces that support local artists, but I wanted to share a few places I have experienced as an artist myself. And always remember "The freshest art is locally grown!"

Invited to Art for AIDS Benefit Auction in October 2017

I am very excited that one of my wall sculptures was selected for the upcoming art benefit auction "Art for AIDS". You can see an online preview on their website. Art for AIDS features artworks generously donated by an artist, gallery or collector in support of the UCSF Alliance Health Project's mental health services for the LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities. The event takes place on Friday, October 20, 2017 at the City View at Metreon in San Francisco, CA. It features a silent and live auction combined with food, wine and cocktails from 6pm to 10pm. If you are interested in this inspiring community event you can purchase tickets and sponsorships to support this important mission of the UCSF Alliance Health Project. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Art for AIDS auction 2017 in San Francisco: Ripple Effect wood sculpture by Lutz Hornischer

Art for AIDS auction 2017 in San Francisco: Ripple Effect wood sculpture by Lutz Hornischer

Wood Art Open Studio

A couple of weeks ago, I opened my Art Studio as part of the East Bay Open Studios event (in the San Francisco Bay Area), where 200 artists showed their work. I had my latest sculptures and wood wall art on display and enjoyed it a lot to talk about my work, show my process and answer questions. Thanks to everyone for coming. If you did not have a chance to come, here is a photo that shows some of the work. You can also contact me for a private tour.

From Reclaimed Fence Board to Fine Art and Contemporary Sculptures

You probably have seen old redwood fences in your neighborhood - gray, moldy and cracked. After 30 or 40 years, they often get thrown out. Not many people realize that there is so much beauty inside this old redwood. As a sculptor and wood artist, my goal is to discover the beauty and spirit of the old wood and bring it back to life through contemporary sculptures and wall art. Redwood is mostly thought of as a material to make rustic outdoor sculptures and furniture, but rarely seen as a material for refined, elegant or graceful sculptures. I enjoy the challenge of using a rustic material and transform it into fine art and sculptures. Here is an image of an old fence and  reclaimed redwood after it got scrubbed and cleaned.

Each piece of wood is unique. I start with observing "what wants to emerge". Sometimes I can see it from the outside, but often iI have to look inside and start carving to see the color, flow of the grain and texture of the wood. Since the dimensions of a single wood board are fixed (5 feet by 8 inches by 3/4 inch), I often laminate several boards to be able to create larger sculptures. When I start carving, I let the wood guide me, exploring and setting free the inside. After lots of carving and even more sanding, I usually apply several coats of oil to bring out the beautiful color and grain of the wood. Here are a few of my sculptures and wall art pieces I created using reclaimed redwood fence boards:

Bubbles - 62 x 9 x 6

3500 Years - 48 x 16 x 4

La Luz - 62 x 9 x 6

Mountain Ridge - 48 x 20 x 5

Volcano of Flowers - 12 x 12 x3

When people see and touch the finished sculptures, they tell me that the warmth and softness of the wood and the elegance and flow of the piece makes it hard to believe that the wood came from an old fence. The beauty is always on the inside, you just have to look for it.

Carving of La Luz sculpture

Often, I use power tools to carve my sculptures, however, this sculpture is mostly based on hand carving. I have a set of Swiss and Japanese carving tools that helped me carve the gap that flows along the wood boards.  

Creating the initial flow

Creating the initial flow

Using a Japanese wood chisel to carve the wood

Using a Japanese wood chisel to carve the wood

Final sanding, before applying wood oil to bring out the colors

Final sanding, before applying wood oil to bring out the colors

Mounted on a concrete base and ready for taking pictures

Mounted on a concrete base and ready for taking pictures

Please take a look at the picture of the finished sculpture.

Invited to show my work at Blackhawk Gallery in Danville

I am very honored to be invited by the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville as guest artist for the upcoming exhibition "Syncopation". The show is hosted by the Alamo Danville Artist Society and goes from April 28 through July 9, 2017. The Gala reception in on April 29, 2017 from 5 to 7 pm. For more information about the event please go to the Blackhawk Gallery website.  


Invited to Yountville Art Festival on April 22, 2017

I am honored that my work was selected for the upcoming 5th Annual Yountville Art Festival - Art, Sip & Stroll, on Saturday April 22, 2017 in the beautiful Town of Yountville, CA. I will have a big booth to show my work, both sculptures and wall art, and I hope to see you there. In addition to the amazing art of 40 artists, there will be plenty of good food, wine and music - sounds like a real good party. For more details about this event, please check out the Art Festival website.

Going once, ... Going twice,... Make a bid for "Mountain Ridge" Sculpture at the ARTSPAN Benefit Auction in San Francisco

One of my wall sculptures "Mountain Ridge" was selected by the ArtSpan jury for the upcoming Benefit Auction, yeah! This is very exciting. The preview of all art work is on March 23, and the live auction takes place on Saturday, March 25 from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. All proceeds go to ArtSpan's programs to support the local art community in San Francisco. I am very much looking forward to this exciting event and I hope to see you there. For more details, please go to the ArtSpan Auction website and for pictures go to the Auction Artwork Catalog.

Oops, The Chocolate Melted! My newest wood sculpture selected for "art of Gastronomy" exhibition

I love chocolate and I grew up with chocolate, lots of it. The other day, when I discovered a reclaimed redwood board, the color and grain looked like chocolate - yummy. So I decided to make a big chocolate bar out of it, and while I was working on it, it melted, and it became even more delicious. A couple of days ago, I learned that the jurors of the Healdsburg Center for the Arts also seem to have a sweet tooth, because they have selected this piece for the upcoming "Art of Gastronomy II" exhibition. The show starts on Saturday, March 18, 2017 with an opening reception from 5 to 7 pm, followed by other food and wine related events throughout the months of March, April and May. Please check the event website for more information. I hope you have a chance to see the exhibition, and also taste good food and wine while you are in Healdsburg.

International Sculpture Day exhibition at Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA

I am looking forward to an upcoming show in celebration of International Sculpture Day (Annual event held worldwide on April 24th to celebrate sculpture and it's vital contribution to society). The particular show is hosted by the Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA. I have two tall standing sculptures (5 feet high) in the exhibition, Moai III and Carved by Time II, to celebrate this day.

One reason for me to celebrate sculptures is the simple fact that you can touch them (most of them). This adds a whole new experience of discovering and enjoying art. 

Overall, there will be 72 sculptures on display. The exhibition starts April 5 and goes until April 30, 2017. However, the most important day is April 14 from 5pm to 9pm in conjunction with the 2nd Friday Art Walk - that's the time where you can meet with the sculptors and enjoy a party! See you there. For more details go to the Marin Society of Artists website.

Neyborly - art and Creative Event Space in Berkeley and San Francisco

Last weekend I dropped off two wall sculptures at this amazing artsy and creative community space in Berkeley, called Neyborly. The place is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 12 to 8pm and my two pieces "The Wave" and "Tree under Moon" are on display, ready to find a new home. Please come by and check out my work and the beautiful wood work of 30 other local artists. Think global, buy local! Thank you for supporting local artists.

Neyborly Southwest Berkeley: The Wave - wall sculpture by Lutz Hornischer

Neyborly Southwest Berkeley: The Wave - wall sculpture by Lutz Hornischer

New wall sculpture: Volcano of Flowers

My newest work started out from a 12 x 12 x 3 block of glued reclaimed redwood boards. After I started carving, the piece looked like an eruption, like a volcano inside-out. So, I named it "Eruption" and continued working on it with this dramatic picture in mind. But as soon as I started sanding, it felt the piece had "softened". When I applied the chalk paint and the Varnish Oil I knew I had to find a different name. After finishing the piece, I went for a walk and when I saw a few flowers on the trail, the name just appeared "Volcano of Flowers" - a volcano that releases layers of wooden flowers. For more details, additional photos and dimensions, please go to the sculpture page. Hope you enjoy it.

Opening Reception at Blue Line Arts Gallery

Last weekend was the opening reception at the Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville, CA. The show is a group exhibition and the jury selected my wall sculpture "3500 Years". The exhibition is called "Art of Ekphrasis" and each art work includes a poem, a story or other written statement. You can see my poem and the sculpture in more detail in this recent blog post. Check out the show when you have a chance, it goes until February 25, 2017. 

The Big Wave on display in Mill Valley's sculpture garden - Illumigarden

Last weekend, I installed my most recent work "The Big Wave" at Illumigarden, a sculpture garden  in Mill Valley. It consists of 90+ pieces of reclaimed redwood and measures 5 feet by 3.5 feet - it truly is a big wave. Check it out when you are in Marin, and visualize how it might look like at one of your walls at home. Enjoy!

Opening Reception for MARVELOUS show at Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Last night was the opening reception of MARVELOUS, the International Exhibition of Collage, Assemblage and Construction in Sebastopol. Thank you to the jury John Hundt, Sherry Parker, and Cecil Touchon for selecting my sculpture "Hundred Trees" and thank you to the team of the Sebastopol Center for the Arts for hosting a great exhibition and reception. The show goes until February 12, 2017 - hope you can check it out.

Study of a wooden torso sculpture

Several months ago, I did a quick study of a male torso sculpture. I had found a leftover piece of reclaimed redwood, actually three boards that were glued together. I looked at it and thought - let's try a torso. So, I started sketching, sawing, carving, more sketching and carving and finally finished it with lemon scented butcher block oil.

What I personally liked about this project, was the fact that the piece of wood had some carving marks from a previous test I did with a new tool. So I had to improvise and go with what I had, and that is what I enjoy when working with old reclaimed wood.

Carved by Time II on display at Healdsburg Center for the Arts

One of my newer sculptures is shown at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts starting January 7, 2017. The piece is called Carved by Time II and is made out of 4 boards of reclaimed redwood - glued, carved, sanded and more sanded and finally oiled to bring out the beautiful growth rings and imperfections of the old wood. The exhibition will also feature one of my Moai sculptures.

Hope you have a chance to see my work and enjoy the complimentary wine.