Cafe Latte Stamp

As a cafe latte and cappuccino aficionado I enjoy both, the taste of the coffee and the interplay between espresso and steamed milk on the top. Some baristas create pieces of art when pouring the milk. At home, I was looking for a way to add some artistic and personal touch to the coffee experience that other people can enjoy even without a fancy espresso machine and artistic touch. So, I designed and built a set of stamps that uses coffee to easily and quickly add artful messages and fun to your coffee experience.

In 2014, the Cafe Latte Stamp received a design award by Core77. Watch a video and learn more about it at the Core77 Design Award website.



Untangle your digital life. Just like millions of people around the world I got frustrated when I had to untangle my earbuds at least once a day. So, I decided to create a simple, low cost and easy to use device that avoids untangling. Unlike many other devices that help you coil up earbuds, I did not want to have another “thing” I have to carry around and potentially lose. Therefore, the challenge was to come up with something that stays with the earbuds, is lightweight, does not break and is fun and easy to use. 

Easy to use
Wrap and unwrap your earbuds in seconds

Can’t lose it
Securely attached to jack, always with you

Ability to write name/phone# on it, so it is more likely you get lost earbuds back

Longer life
Reduces risk of broken earbuds by reducing the stress on cable due to repeated untangling and pulling

Reduces waste
Fewer broken/lost earbuds in landfill and no need to buy replacement earbuds

Finally, it adds fun and color to your plain earbuds