International Sculpture Day exhibition at Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA

I am looking forward to an upcoming show in celebration of International Sculpture Day (Annual event held worldwide on April 24th to celebrate sculpture and it's vital contribution to society). The particular show is hosted by the Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA. I have two tall standing sculptures (5 feet high) in the exhibition, Moai III and Carved by Time II, to celebrate this day.

One reason for me to celebrate sculptures is the simple fact that you can touch them (most of them). This adds a whole new experience of discovering and enjoying art. 

Overall, there will be 72 sculptures on display. The exhibition starts April 5 and goes until April 30, 2017. However, the most important day is April 14 from 5pm to 9pm in conjunction with the 2nd Friday Art Walk - that's the time where you can meet with the sculptors and enjoy a party! See you there. For more details go to the Marin Society of Artists website.